We support government initiatives to enhance education quality, aligning with SDG4, by tackling barriers to learning such as menstrual hygiene, mentoring, bursaries, infrastructure, dropout reintegration, and peer-to-peer study initiatives.


Extra Mile Development Foundation (EMDEF) complements government efforts in providing quality education to individuals as an instrument in changing their lives which is also in line with SDG4. We address various challenges that hinder access and success in learning and improve learning outcomes and interventions include but not limited to menstrual hygiene management, mentoring and tutoring, bursary program, infrastructure development, school readmission program for school dropouts, peer to peer learning through study cycles and writing/quiz/speech/storytelling competitions.

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Through this project, EMDEF has achieved several targets in the implementation of the project


Our Achievements

Menstrual Hygiene Management program

Conducted awareness sessions impacting over 4000 girls in 10 schools leading to a decrease in class absenteeism and improved class performance among girls.

School infrastructure development -

Constructed 4 girls and boys sanitation facilities at Engcongolweni, Enthongeni, Embombeni and St Dominic Primary School hence reducing open urination, defecation, and absenteeism among girls and boys.

Ending child marriages campaigns and school readmission program for school drop outs

Sent back 69 girls and boys to school with materials support in Machinga district and Mzimba north in 2021 and 2023. This led to an Increase in retention of girls in schools and raised awareness against child marriages.

Mentorship and tutoring sessions in STEM subjects in schools

STEM raised awareness on science subjects and career guidance in 4 primary schools.

Menstrual Hygiene

Established safe spaces for girls residing in Mulanje camps and raised awareness on menstrual hygiene management, sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) and reporting mechanisms. This enhanced knowledge and skills to deal with SGBV.

Bursary Program

Supported 12 students with tuition fees, school uniforms and basic necessities. This enabled students to continue education, addressing financial challenges.

Study circles

Established study cycles in the 4 primary schools in Mzimba north to improve class performance of learners

Writing Contests in Primary School

Conducted a composition writing competition, quiz and debates in 4 primary schools in Mzimba north.