EMDEF and TYWE Imparts Thumbi Youth Club with knowledge in pig management

In a recent effort to promote proper pig management techniques among young people, Extra Mile Development Foundation (EMDEF) and Transformation of Youths and Women Empowerment (TYWE) organized a training session for Thumbi youth club.

Pig Management Training in progress

The event took place at Bwengu, Mzimba North and was attended by over 10 members of the youth club. The training was aimed at educating the participants on proper pig management techniques and the benefits of proper care for the animals. The event was facilitated by experienced professionals in the field of pig farming, who provided the participants with lectures on topics such as Housing, feeding, breeding, pest, disease and control and record keeping.

One of the participants, Ephraim Duncan, expressed his gratitude for the training, saying that he had learned a lot about the importance of proper care and management of pigs.

“I had no idea that proper feeding and health management could have such a huge impact on the well-being of the pigs and on the productivity of the farm,” he said.

EMDEF Project Lead Khumbolakhe Chirambo expressed his satisfaction with the turnout and the enthusiasm shown by the participants. He believes that educating young people on proper pig management techniques is crucial for the pig pass on project “.

“The youth are the future of pig farming, and it is important that they understand the importance of proper care and management of the animals. This will not only benefit the group but also to the community thereby contributing to the sustainability of the pass on project”, Chirambo said.

The training came at an opportune moment as several areas in the Northern Malawi has recently been hit with an outbreak of African Swine Fever disease.