EMDEF commits to support Chisomo Bee Farming Club

Extra Mile Development Foundation (EMDEF) has pledged to support Chisomo Bee Farming Club (CBFC) in expanding their beekeeping venture.

The announcement was made on Wednesday March 8th, 2023 where EMDEF’s Executive Director, Towera Ngwira engaged CBFC members in Nkombedzi, Nkhatabay on agendas of assessing the progress and addressing challenges of the club.

During an engagement between EMDEF staff and Club members

Ngwira said empowering people in rural communities is a crucial step towards national development.

She acknowledged the hard work of the CBFC members and noted their lack of resources, which prompted EMDEF’s involvement.

In trying to boost their operations, the club received bee hives and other necessary materials such as bee suits and gloves from EMDEF in the previous months, and Ngwira highlighted that such support to groups with materials like those do not only benefit individuals and their families but also the community at large.

“Apart from providing resources, this time around EMDEF will also assist you to find a market for your honey products and other income-generating activities to ensure that your club is not solely dependent on beekeeping” she said.

CBFC Chairperson Bright Gondwe expressed his gratitude towards EMDEF for their support and expertise by stating the club will now be able to harvest more honey and generate more income with the additional resources.

“When we started this club in 2021, we had a few beehives and we did not have bee suits, gloves and other protective equipment’s that EMDEF provided to us, and this has been a major milestone” Gondwe said.

The partnership between EMDEF and CBFC is set to continue and the club is expected to receive a tailoring machine and begin vegetable farming as another source of income.

EMDEF’s commitment to empowering rural communities through such initiatives is a promising step towards sustainable development.