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Program Mission

Under SDG1 & 2, We aim to empower communities particularly youth and women through sustainable agricultural practices and innovative livelihood strategies that enhance food security, increase economic resilience, and improve the overall well-being of farmers and their families. We are committed to promoting environmentally sound farming techniques, facilitating access to resources and markets, and supporting the development of inclusive value chains that prioritize the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations

Projects done so far

1. Chisomo Bee Farming Club in T/A Mkumbira, Nkhata Bay district

The organisation is empowering about 35 female headed and poor households through beefarming initiative for income generation in Nkhata Bay district. The organisation started supporting the existing club by the name Chisomo beefarming group from February 2022 upto date and with self help funds amounting $500 in 2022 and $8288 funding from Mudzi Connect in 2023. Hence we have supported the group with materials which includes 40 beehives, smokers, honey processing equipment (honey press, tank, sieve, refractometer), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like bee suits, pair of gloves, gumboots, and also constructed a honey processing unit. Also we conducted trainings on beekeeping techniques, harvesting, processing, packaging, branding and marketing to enable the club members to have increased knowledge and improve their production. So far this has helped the club to increase the quantity of honey produced and also the honey processing unit is helping the club in terms of having a stable, hygienic place to process and package their honey ready for market.  We are expecting a maximized production and profits by December 2024 and beyond.

2. Thumbi Youth Piggery Group and Chololo youth groundnuts group in T/A Jalavikuba, Mzimba north district

With self help funds of about $500, EMDEF in partnership with Rise Together Supported Thumbi Youth Club in Pig production as one way of boosting household food security & nutrition and improving the livelihoods among the 25 youths in Thumbi Mzimba North. In December 2022, the youth club built the pig kraal with local resources contributed amongst the club members and thereafter we supported them with 9 piglets and Veterinary products such Lysine, Iron, MCP, Ivermectin and Multivitamin. The club members were also trained in pig management, business management and group dynamics. After 6-8 months (September 2023), the club reported that pigs reproduced about 8 live piglets that survived and 24 piglets in May 2024 valuing over $1,110. An agreed number of piglets are regularly sold and members share the profits and about 15% is reinvested in the pig business. The pig dung is used to make compost manure which is used in vegetable and other crop fields for soil fertility. The club also ventured into vegetable gardening where they are farming vegetables like mpiru, cabbage, onion, peas and irish potatoes to sustain their livelihoods and ensure food and nutrition security.

We also invested about $500 self help funds in December 2022 supporting 25 youths belonging to Chololo youth club with groundnuts farming resources which included: seeds, chemicals, packaging sucks and training. From the 3 acres of land , the club produced approximately 20 bags of groundnuts valuing over $1000. The project has boosted the economic status of the youth after the sales and shared profits. The club is looking forward to expanding their farming business and adding a component of value addition like peanut making to maximize their profits.

3. Youth skills hub training

EMDEF offers training to adolescent mothers, young women and youths in tailoring and designing, sausage and soap making as a means of generating income for their households, thereby attaining economic independence in the process. Apart from providing the youths and women with these skills, the organisation also provides them with business management and financial literacy trainings so that they fully know how to run their businesses. Over 50 young women and 100 people have directly and indirectly benefited from the skill trainings respectively. In addition, the organisation has been able to offer basic computer lessons to 15 secondary school students

Project Information
Mudzi Connect, Rise Together
Implementation District:
Nkhata Bay
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