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Program Mision

We complement government efforts in providing quality education to individuals as an instrument in changing their lives which is also in line with SDG4. We address various challenges that hinder access and success in learning and improve learning outcomes and interventions include but not limited to menstrual hygiene management, mentoring and tutoring, bursary program, infrastructure development, school readmission program for school dropouts, peer to peer learning through study cycles and writing/quiz/speech/storytelling competitions.

Projects done so far

1. Menstrual Hygiene Management in Primary Schools

We are championing addressing period poverty among adolescent girls in school by increasing access to information on menstruation and menstrual hygiene practices, breaking the silence and stigma around menstruation in the communities, making absorbent materials accessible. Since our existence we have worked with over 15 primary schools in Mzimba north and beyond. We have supported school mothergroup committees (school stakeholder) in sewing machines and fabric to continuously make reusable sanitary pads and distribute to the adolescent girls enabling them to have menstrual absorbents and attend classes all the time. The project directly impacted over 5000 girls in all schools. The schools registered a decrease in class absenteeism. Class performance of the girls was also improved.

Partners we have worked with include Friends of Malawi, Hilden Charitable Fund, Nederlands Albert Schweitzer Fonds (NASF), World Connect Malawi.

2. School readmission program and Bursary support

As a way of increasing retention of girls and also boys in primary and secondary schools, EMDEF mobilizes out of school girls and boys who dropped out of school due to various reasons including unintended teenage pregnancies, early child marriages and poverty. We conduct empowerment sessions to motivate them to return to school and possibly support the less privileged with school supplies and tuition fees. Hence we have supported about 12 girls and 8 boys in Thimalala, Ekwendeni, Enthongeni and Engcongolweni communities in Mzimba North back to school.

3. Writing contests, speech contest, Quiz and Debate among students in schools

Extra Mile writing contest, quiz and debate project at primary schools aims to promote literacy, critical thinking and effective communication skills among young students. It provides an engaging platform for them to showcase their talents, develop their talents, develop their knowledge and build confidence in expressing their ideas. This project not only fosters a love for literature but also nurtures important skills that are essential for students academic and personal growth. By providing an engaging and an interactive platform, this project inspires young students to become lifelong learners and devoted leaders.

For instance, in 2023 we organized a quiz competition between Std8 learners of Enthongeni and Engcongolweni primary schools in Mzimba north and it was held at Engcongolweni. The competition aimed to assess learners’ knowledge within their academics and beyond and it helped their teachers know which subjects to put much concentration on. The learners were also encouraged to think outside the box and also work hard in their academics and pass PSLCE and go to secondary schools.

Engcongolweni Primary School emerged the winner of the contest with 38 points to 34points from Enthongeni. The winners  received hardcovers for all teachers, boxes of chalk and dusters and participating learners received writing materials and a drink

Project Information
Friends of Malawi, Hilden Charitable Fund, Nederlands Albert Schweitzer Fonds (NASF), World Connect Malawi
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